About Us

INOCEANO is composed by a multidisciplinary group of highly skilled researchers focused on integrity assessment of offshore structures and operational risk reduction of floating units and subsea systems.

Our main roles:

  • Services and consultancy
  • Services and advanced consultancy for the offshore industry with in-depth knowledge of the problem developed during the applied R&D activities using state-of-practice tools or in-house developments. Efficient management practices to deliver projects on time and budget. Customized solutions to improve efficiency. Our activities include: i. SURF (Subsea, umbilicals, risers and pipelines), ii. FPS (Floating production systems) and iii. Integrity assessment of offshore structures in general.

    Development of tailor-made tools for specific structural analysis applications. Optimization of analysis work flows (e.g. batch running, results extraction, report automatization). Customized applications for data processing. Mathematical formulation and numerical implementation. A number of different programming languages can be employed: Python, Matlab, C++, Fortran, Mathematica and others.

  • Applied R&D
  • R&D with industrial relevance. Perform applied research and development in close cooperation with universities, manufacturers and suppliers with focus in bringing a cost-effective solution for the customer. Our main fields of research are structural engineering and materials technology.

  • Knowledge sharing
  • - Open-source software development through the SPOSS (Special purpose open-source software) initiative. The goal is to speed-up the innovation process and help increasing the knowledge of a specific industry technical issue by gathering contribution from different sources. If you are a researcher, contribute with your code and register at: sposs.org

    - To participate and promote multidisciplinary research projects (JIPs) by national and international collaboration to speed-up the innovation process

    About Company

    INOCEANO is a independent engineering company who provides services/consultancy and perform applied research and development (R&D) for the offshore industry, transforming basic knowledge into technological innovation. Located in Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil.

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