Consultancy and Services

By constantly performing applied R&D, INOCEANO brings the best value for the customer in terms of advanced consultancy. The list below illustrates the areas where we can currently perform services.

SURF - Subsea, umbilicals, risers & flowlines

  • Dynamic analysis of slender structures (risers, mooring system)

  • Local cross section analysis of flexible risers, umbilicals and power cables

  • Bend stiffener design and analysis

  • Numerical analysis of vortex-induced vibrations

  • Free span assessment

  • On bottom stability

FPS - Floating production systems

  • Wave interactions with offshore platforms and other structures or vessels

  • Fully coupled dynamic analysis of floating unit / mooring / risers

  • Multi-directional environmental loading

  • Ultimate strength assessment of ship panels

  • Green water structural assessment

  • ULS and FLS analysis of FPS details

Marine Operations

  • Numerical simulation of equipment installation

  • Side by side operations

  • Offloading

Software development

  • Optimization of analysis work flows

  • Tailor made software for specific applications

  • Mathematical formulation and numerical implementation

Structural integrity assessment

  • Nonlinear static stress analysis

  • Unstable collpase and post-buckling analysis

  • Dynamic stress/displacement analysis

  • Nonlinear time dependent constitutive equation

  • Experimental data fitting

Our softwares

We employ a combination of open-source general solvers and programming languages with special-purpose tools in our projects. A list of some softwares can be seen below:


  • BFLEX - stresses and fatigue assessment in the tensile and pressure armour layers of flexible pipes

  • RIFLEX - Global dynamic analyses of slender structures

  • SIMO - Simulation of marine operations

  • VIVANA - Vortex induced vibrations assessment

  • WAMIT - tool for analyzing wave interactions with offshore platforms and other structures or vessels

  • MATLAB - high-level language for numerical computation, visualization, and application development

  • MATHEMATICA - technical computing

  • ORIGIN - scientific graphing and data analysis software



  • BENDFLEX - Bend stiffener design and analysis tool

About Company

INOCEANO is a independent engineering company who provides services/consultancy and perform applied research and development (R&D) for the offshore industry, transforming basic knowledge into technological innovation. Located in Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil.

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